Friday, April 15, 2011

Buffalo chili

So, I went to the store and all I could think about was turkey chili.

But then I saw what amounts to seeing a Passenger pigeon in the middle of Safeway. Something you think is extinct and you will never see again.

Antibiotic free, hormone free ground bison.
And the plan got changed.

Bison chili it would be.

And it all started with a pot of beans.

Then queue the bit players.

I would include a recipe but you can find a billion recipes for chili on any internet search and they are all essentially the same and everyone tweaks them to their tastes.

And it is Friday and I am feeling lazy.

The whole batch simmered for an hour and was incredibly delicious.

A dollop of greek yogurt and fresh chopped cilantro.

I am very full and it is getting late. I think all I will have for dinner is some flavored popcorn with a movie on TV.

Happy Friday everyone! Night all!


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