Sunday, May 1, 2011

A breakfast present - salmon onigiri

In my usual trend of only occasionally eating breakfast foods for breakfast, I pulled out the one treat I had left over from my trip to Nijiya.

Salmon onigiri!

If you haven't eaten this before - I am going to give you the walkthrough.

The sheet of nori is actually packaged separately from the rice.

The rice ball is stuffed with delicious cooked salmon.

If your rice ball is cold from sitting in the fridge like mine was, you can pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to bring it up to room temperature. It is much tastier when it isn't cold IMO.

Then you need to take the nori out of the package.

And wrap up the rice ball with the nori - almost like you were wrapping a present.

Ta da! A lovely breakfast present:-)

I also had tea and a packet of blueberries. *warning* the picture came out blurry ((

Here is a better picture of the blueberries if you are curious.

Happy May Day everyone!

Feel free to frolic around the Maypole if you have one handy in your back yard :-)


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