Monday, May 2, 2011

Vegan Johnny Cakes

I brought this back from my Easter weekend in Monterey:

Raw honey is another food item I have been wanting to include in my diet. 

The benefits of raw honey are many (and seemingly limitless if you believe everything that is posted on the internet) but I am mostly interested in its ability to boost the immune system and help with allergies.

Today I decided to do a vegan version of Johnny Cakes.

Vegan Johnny Cakes with wild raspberry honey and pine nuts.
I used soy milk instead of regular milk. They turned out really mouthwatering.

I had a little too much fun drizzling the honey.

These turned out crunchy on the outside but just a touch moist on the inside. The pine nuts added a wonderful burst of creaminess. The honey has an amazing flavor, earthy with a hint of raspberry and a nice but not overpowering amount of sweetness. 

A big thumbs up for the Virgin California Wild Raspberry Honey.

Here is a look at the Johnny Cakes pre-toppings:

And I had a drink that I thought would pair well with the honey - Chamomile tea.

Vegan Johnny Cakes

Serves 1


1/2 cup of corn meal (I used quick cooking grits)

1/2 cup of soy milk

1/2 a cup of water

a pinch of salt


Put the soy milk and water in a pan and bring to a simmer over medium heat. When the liquid begins to simmer turn the heat down to medium low and slowly whisk in the corn meal and stir until thick.

If you want this to thicken up quickly just add less liquid.

When the corn meal is thick - take it off the heat. Put a small amount of coconut oil in a saute pan over medium heat. Spoon in 2 Tbsp. of the corn meal into the skillet. Use a spatula to press down the corn meal to make a patty. Cook until golden brown on both sides.

Top with syrup or honey or just about anything.


I am having lunch out with my sister today - Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. Mmm these look delicious and I love all the ingredients! Your pictures are gorgeous as well :) Can't wait to try this myself!