Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baked eggs take 2

This morning a made another attempt at the baked eggs in puff pastry.

This time I trimmed the square of puff pastry so I had less pastry overhang.

I placed basil in the bottom of the pastry cups and cracked an egg into each one. Since I wanted what would essentially be a coddled egg I came up with a dairy free version of the heavy cream that is usually added.

I mixed 2 Tbsp. of Tofutti sour cream with a little bit of almond milk until it was the consistency of heavy cream. I spooned 1 Tbsp. of this mixture over the egg.

The cups went into a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. To tell you the truth - I forgot to set the timer. Connor had to come and poke me before I realized I had forgotten them in the oven.

Yes, I did remove the worst of the burnt bits:-)

I do believe Connor lives in fear of me burning the house down which is pretty much is a possibility everyday - poor hard working Connor.

For dinner I made some brown rice porridge. 

Which I made by combining the following ingredients:

Basil, garlic, brown rice and the rest of the butternut squash soup. Oh, yeah and a shot of Connor who did keep me from turning the kitchen into a blazing inferno.

Only one post today. My mother passed away 5 months ago so I spent most of the day ignoring the fact that it was Mother's Day.

See everyone tomorrow!


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