Monday, May 23, 2011

What would you do?

I am busy cleaning today.

I hate this. It is my least favorite activity on the planet. 

So, I am in the midst of this and Connor starts fussing. 

And he doesn't do this in a 'I would like this thing if you have the time.' but in a 'This is really important and could we do it now?????' kind of way.

And this is typical of Connor - what he was fussing about was not something he wanted. He alerted (aka. got on his hind legs (and he is taller than me when he does this)) and alerts (points with his nose) to the top of the fridge. 

This is Connor at the beach. Thanks to Joyce for the picture.

There is a mostly empty bag of POPCHIPS on the fridge and an apple.

So I put the mostly empty bag and the cut up apple on the floor. He picks up the bag of chips and drops it in front of Abby. 

Yup, he was alerting for what SHE wanted.

Of course, he would want the chips - but this guy has a work ethic that transcends everything!

And, oh yeah, the obligatory food photo - this is what I wanted for my dinner -  

So what would you do with a dog that cares more about what other people/dogs need than what he wants himself??

Yeah, it is a done deal. I think I will keep him.


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