Saturday, May 21, 2011

What do dogs really know?

If you didn't get the heads up from the title of this post - this will be one about the dogs. Just FYI.

Of course there will be food involved.

So, I was plodding along on the usual walk with the dogs and Abby veers off to the left. This is in the direction of my friends apartment.

And Abby does not do this in a 'lean on the leash - I wish we could go this way' kind of way but in a bounding, joy filled, HOLY CRAP we have to go THIS way - kind of thing.

This is Abby as a young puppy - she is still beautiful but not as sweet.

So, me being filled with Catholic guilt (this is a permanent condition) I indulged her urge because the thoughts running through my head are, "Is my friend dead and Abby is alerting about this?" or "Is Abby picking up on my guilt that I didn't stay to clean up?"

So we go left. My friend is perfectly fine. Abby curls up on the couch with a look on her face that says, "Oh, yeah, this is what I wanted this morning."

Connor is left in a stressful state of 'This is off our usual schedule - this is SO WRONG!'

So what do dogs know? Connor alerts to almost everything - but Abby knew I was feeling super crappy this morning and could use an easy morning of visiting with a friend. 

So, she hijacked the usual routine and led us in a different direction. 

How pleased she was with herself? It would be impossible to express this in words. She was one happy girl.

Oh, yeah, and I had this for lunch.

 Black bean soup with a spoonful of greek yogurt. Yes, it was good.

And I should add - I do actually have more than one friend, but since none of them want their faces posted on the blog (along with any member of my family) they are all referred to as 'the friend'. 

Night, all.


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