Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cabin fever

As I am embracing this writing endeavor I am quickly realizing one thing - the need to stave off cabin fever.

Too many days in a row (I walk the dogs so I am not a complete shut in, lol) spent bent over the keyboard trying to get pages out? My productivity goes down the tubes.

And my cooking gets bizarre - check out this mornings breakfast:

The ugly breakfast: Quinoa with spinach and garlic stuffed olives topped with herbed egg whites.
Yeah, the garlic olives were not a great addition in this dish. I love the garlic stuffed olives - just not for breakfast.

Garlic stuffed olives.

But I am sure the people at the Y (when I stop in later today to re-activate my membership) will appreciate the garlic breath:-)

So I think I need to have a daily routine (not that I am much of a routine person) that includes 1-2 activities that get me out of the house (aka. cabin fever prevention).

You probably guessed the first one I picked (see above) - yup, exercising at the Y.

Other activities? I haven't decided yet but it has to be something that increases my productivity but isn't a complete waste of time...

My breakfast, although being not the cutest thing on the block, was very filling.

The bit players:

A mug of tea and an apple.

There really is tea in that mug - 

And my apple had these cool green swirls on the top but I think it is kind of hard to see them in this photo.

Time to start the day!


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