Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soy wrappers and barbeque dreams

I lost track of time yesterday afternoon and when I looked up it was 4 pm.

I had to decided between getting my workout in and having time to make some really creative appetizers for my friend's dinner.

The choice I made? I hit the gym for the workout. 

When I got back I only had 20 minutes to get ready AND make the appetizers...

Sesame sheet.

Tumeric sheet.

The haphazard and semi-hysterical attempt at the appetizer assembly resulted in this:

Paprika soy wrapper with pea sprouts and hummus.

I made two other wraps - 

- Spinach soy wrapper with steamed carrot and cooked corn slaw.

- Sesame soy wrapper with sashimi grade tuna and cucumber.

I cut them up into pieces when I arrived at my friend's place.

Oh, and excuse the following four pictures - I took them with my phone's camera.

The surprising hit of the night? The paprika soy wrapper with hummus and pea sprouts. Actually, they all turned out pretty well and they went fast.

What was for dinner? BARBEQUE!!

My plate:
Potato salad, pork ribs and chicken.
I also had a taste of the coleslaw and an extra rib but I was too busy eating to take a picture of that:-)

My friends plate:

Can you spot the sesame soy wrapper with tuna and cucumber?
And because you can never have too much barbeque, this was my breakfast:

One piece of chicken, one rib, corn on the cob with salt and paprika and a dollop of coleslaw. 

The dogs were not left out of the barbeque-palooza.

Connor enjoyed a manly plate of meat and barbeque sauce.

 And Abby munched on the leftover tuna.

And the one other thing you can never have too much of? 

Corn on the cob.

It was a wonderful night! But after having more wine than I would normally drink in an evening - I am dragging this morning. 

Hydration will be the goal of the day.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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