Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking on air

I was out walking the dogs this morning and my friend drove up and exclaimed, "Hey skinny!"

My response, "Huh?"

My friend said, "You really are looking much thinner!"

Now I am walking on air. Yes, I have been working on the healthy lifestyle thing since January but this is the first time someone has noticed a big difference.

Normally, I would run home and weigh myself to see what the scale says. Today, I resisted doing that since that usually gets me overly focused on eating.

But I just had to share!!

My lunch was very colorful:

My version of Bibimbap - without the rice.

Instead of a bed of rice, I used a bed of shredded cabbage.

Then I chopped up the rest of the ingredients and arranged them in the bowl.

Broccoli, cucumber, red cabbage and carrot.

Then I mixed up some homemade dressing:

Rice vinegar
Udo's oil
Nutritional yeast
Garlic powder
Black pepper

I cooked a 1/2 cup of ground turkey in a skillet with some:

Soy sauce
Hoisin sauce

This gave the turkey a nice barbeque-like flavor.

Even though it looked so pretty as it was - I mixed everything together:

This was the best lunch I have had in a long time - I encourage you to make it - soon! And you can easily make it vegetarian by using tofu instead of ground turkey.

The soy wrappers will be making an appearance at dinner - no worries:-)
I am off to hit the gym and celebrate being thinner!

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  1. I love hoisen sauce. Gorgeous lunch. I could eat that for dinner too! Yum.