Friday, May 13, 2011

Sister time

I met my sister for dinner tonight.

I drove to her neck of the woods and since she knows I am trying to eat oysters on a semi-consistent basis - she picked the Fish Market for dinner.

No sampler tray for me tonight. I stuck with the Kumamoto oysters.

I am still working on developing a taste for these raw nuggets. My sister had a great time laughing at the faces I was making when trying to get down the largest of the oysters.

But in the end it was a success!

We also enjoyed wonderful crusty bread.

My sister ordered the tuna and because she has a stomach that is very sensitive to fat so she ordered everything oil and butter free.

I made sure to have very little fat today so I could indulge a little at dinner. I ordered the halibut.

Take a closer look at the fish:

It looks familiar, right? In fact it could be a twin of the halibut I made a few days ago:

Who would have thunk it - I could have been a restaurant chef:-)

The halibut was delicious - cooked just right and very tender.

I was not a big fan of the tomatoes.

My sister was not a big fan of the steamed veggies.
 We both agreed that the potatoes were delicious.

I stepped outside my usual box and ordered dessert.

Creme Brulee.
I removed the sugar on the top and set it aside. The custard was fluffy and creamy and only a little bit sweet - Very yummy!

 My sister got two adorable fish shaped chocolates:

Night all!!


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