Friday, May 27, 2011

What a racket

They were working on my patio this afternoon so I used the dogs as an excuse (I do have to spare their poor delicate ears from all the racket, right?) and I hit the mall.

 Macys to be exact. And I finally broke down and bought this:

I will take some 'before' pictures and if I see a significant difference in four weeks - I will post the before and afters.

*Gasp* That is right - in four weeks you may (or may not) get a chance to take a gander at my beautific visage. And you may never be the same again :-)

Oh, and since I was taking pictures in the car - and because I am such a nice person - here is an *awwww* moment for you on this Friday:

Tigger who hangs on the windshield.

For lunch I stopped here:

I ordered a iced chai latte.

I tried the hot version before and it was way too sweet. This one was just right - very cinnamony and just a little bit sweet. The barista must have gone overboard on the syrup last time.

And a chicken Caesar salad and an apple:

I was craving that apple like a Jurasic Park dinosaur craves lysine.

Maybe I am low in pectin?


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