Thursday, May 5, 2011

I ate what??

The first stop on my outing today was:

The hunt begins for Kenmore U vacuum bags.

They were out at Sears - this Sears store is closing soon so their supply was sparse.

Then I was forced to go to Walmart. Which is not my favorite place since it is giant moving diorama of what is wrong with American consumerism. But the people watching is always fun.

I finally found some vacuum bags and then I was heading to the checkout stand when I spotted this:

Yeah, it's things like dried beef on a shelf that make me slightly scared about shopping at Walmart.

Then I remembered my Mom used to feed us creamed chipped beef on toast which uses the above pictured dried beef. Yikes, some childhood memories are made to be forgotten.

I pass by this on the way home so I had to stop in - 

And I picked up this for lunch - 

It was very tasty!

And I didn't bother to read the ingredients which was a good thing because after I finished eating and I was uploading the photos I noticed this - 

Those little white things with the eyeballs? Yup, those are the anchovies.
Would I have gobbled it down with as much enthusiasm if I realized I was chomping on teeny tiny baby fish? Probably not. But at least I got more fish in my diet:-)

And I did successfully re-register with the Y so I will be hitting the gym tomorrow - Woot!

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  1. yikes!! those look freaky! however i still eat them =P