Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A moment of bliss

My fancy meal? Here it is:

Stuffed chicken Divan with sherry sauce.

Since I couldn't quite remember how to make this meal - I used the recipe I found here.

I didn't add any Parmesan to the sauce nor dijon and I added 2 cloves of garlic for the stuffing but I sauteed them in a pan to mellow out the flavor.

This turned out as wonderful as I remember and I felt very fancy as I gobbled it down. I even enjoyed it with a glass of white wine. Tre chic, I know!

What I like about this recipe - other than the obvious beauty factor - is that you get a dose of greens that are lovingly married with Gruyere cheese.

On the side I enjoyed steamed carrots with parsley because you can never have enough beta carotene (well, yes you can and then you get those orange colored palms..).

Oh, and I used non-fat evaporated milk for the sauce.

Night, all!!


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