Monday, June 20, 2011

You can tell it's Monday by the pizza

Pizza with artichoke hearts, baby asparagus and ground bison.

It looks pretty enough, right?

But take my word for it, this pizza was a big disaster. 

The disaster part? That's how you can tell it's a Monday.

The train wreck started innocently enough.

This seemed like a good idea at the time. I added dried rosemary (which I did finely dice) to the pizza dough. But the result was like adding teeny tiny sticks into the dough. 

And it was just as fun to gnaw on.

I was also trying out a new sauce.

Another lesson learned - taste the new sauce BEFORE you douse your dough in it.

There was nothing really wrong with this sauce but it was on the tart side and I like my pizza sauce a bit more sweet.

Keep in mind, this was not the kind of train wreck where the engine suddenly derails and everything explodes.


This is one of those train wrecks that happen in slow motion, each car going slightly off kilter until the whole train is a mess. 

Then came the toppings.

At this point I think the pizza was still edible (other than the rosemary twiggy bits). The combination of artichoke hearts and baby asparagus is a great one.

But then I added some ground meat.

For some reason the slightly gamey taste of the ground bison was a terrible combination with the other ingredients. I would not do this combo again.

Then came the cheese.

It looks like a lot of cheese but I probably should have added more. 

Yes, it did come out of the oven looking very pretty.

The tell-tale sign that I had a bad feeling about this pizza?

I doused it in Parmesan and black pepper before I even took the first bite.

Since I couldn't eat it past the first bite (Don't worry it won't go to waste, I chopped it into small pieces and put it in the fridge for treats for the dogs), I am going to do a remake for lunch.

I'm gonna go drink my green drink and contemplate my train wreck...

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