Saturday, June 25, 2011

Changes for summer

Chicken dumplings with Sriracha sauce and raspberries drizzled in vegan ranch dressing.

I got my haircut yesterday. And...I decided to go blonder for summer!

Well, it is not really blond, it is more of a strawberry blond. 

Here is a picture for reference:

 And no, I look nothing like Kate Blanchett, unfortunately...
This is a shade most hair dressers have a terrible time trying to match. I think my color came out very well but as anyone who colors their hair knows, it takes a day or two for the color to 'settle'. 

I will see if I can get a good picture of it later today.

For breakfast I enjoyed chicken dumplings and fresh raspberries.

The ranch dressing with the Sriracha was delicious on the chicken dumplings. 

The question of the day is - Do you change your hair color in the summer?

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  1. I actually went darker yesterday as mine was getting washed out. So my hair dresser put in high and low lights with base color. The verdict is I hate it. But like you I need a couple days to let the color settle in. I used a violet shampoo today to try to help it. But the lowlights are too dark and it almost looks grey. I also got long bangs and hate them as well. So not a good hair day here for me! Hope you like your way better than I like mine. Lol!