Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vegetable fajitas on the run

The work continues. They were doing painting and inspections, etc. so I was in the way even just sitting at my desk. 

I popped the dogs in the car and headed out to do errands. 

When 11am rolled around I was getting hungry since I ate breakfast so early.

I decided to head to a local taqueria.

It is a cute little place but during lunch time it can get really crowded as the workers from the many office building in the area flock in to get their burrito/taco fix.


I ordered the vegetarian fajitas.

It came with a really huge whole wheat tortilla but it turned out way to messy to try to eat taco style with a tortilla that big. I ended up just eating the veggies straight out of the takeout container.

The failed taco attempt.

It also came with tortilla chips but I skipped those. I did give each of the dogs a tortilla chip.

Connor is not much of a gentleman when it comes to taking treats - he is a grabber.

Abby, on the other hand, is very gentle.

Here she is gently holding onto her chip while she patiently waits for me to take the picture.

I should have ordered one of the smaller plates - I only managed to finish about 1/3 of the portion and I will probably end up having to toss the rest((((
I am hoping that this is the last day of the work for the inside of my apartment. And I am REALLY hoping that they did put insulation around the pipes - as they said they would - otherwise I will have the joy of hearing my neighbors every time they run the faucet, use the shower or flush the toilet (Ewww).



  1. That restaurant looks so good! They have some great options...and serve TONS of food :)

  2. I love when restaurants have *really good* vegetarian options besides just some measley veggies. Looks delicious!