Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The cooing - it will break you everytime.

I enjoyed a huge green salad for lunch. And let's face it - the greens were just a convenient vehicle for lots of the Highly Addictive Miso Dressing.

What makes this dressing even better? I huge handful of chopped green onions.

And in my never ending quest to incorporate new and healthy things into my diet, this was included in my lunch:

Fishy goodness packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Which came in a huge amount of mustard sauce.

And I will be honest, this plate sat on top of the fridge for about an hour before I got up the courage to taste it.

Well, I didn't so much 'get the courage' as I was tortured into it. 

Even though I carefully washed off a fillet and gave it to Abby (aka the fish girl) she still camped out in front of the fridge and cooed non-stop to this plate of fish that was sitting on top of the fridge.

No joke. 

She cooed like the saddest Who in Whoville.

After an hour, this cooing broke me. I broke like that cop in the torture scene in Reservoir Dogs.

As Abby watched me with feral interest, I bravely brought a forkful of the herring to my mouth.

You know what? It wasn't half bad. It was meaty like Halibut and the mustard sauce really cut the fishy smell. 

These guys were much easier for me to handle than trying to eat sardines.

I think next time I will try eating them with crackers.

And I had a big bowl of these sweet globes.



  1. Huuuummmm....I liked this recipe. Simple and yum. Visit my blog too; and come on to know the brazilian food.

    Kisses from Brazil.


  2. That is brave!! I don't think I could have tried the herring.