Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corn chowder and I think I could be a model

I could be a model but only with my feet and only if it required a really bad pedicure.

That pedicure was a three stage affair. 

Step 1:

Paint toes in a shade that is unfortunately so similar to my own skin tone that I get the oh-so-popular skin-on-skin look.

Step 2:

Have the horrible idea that adding sparkles will improve the situation. Now I have a sparkly skin-on-skin look...

 Step 3:

Make a vain attempt to stop the pedicure train wreck with the trusty bottle of ruby red.

For lunch I decided to try out the soup mix I bought the other day.

I was attracted by the 'just add water' tagline.

I don't know why I had high hopes for this because from the get go it did not look promising.

It looked like a big bag of powder...

I followed the package instructions and it resulted in this:

There was nothing really wrong with it but there was also nothing really right about it either.

And it had this odd chemical aftertaste that I just couldn't get past.

I guess eating so much fresh food in the last few months has really altered my taste buds.



  1. i would be scared by that powder too!

  2. LOL @ the pedicure. Sounds like me when I try to do my fingernails. I totally suck at it lol. As for the soup...ummm...ick! :-P

  3. Haha, I haven'd painted my nails since my wedding! And, week is my anniversary. Whoops!

  4. Hehe I use the same nail polish! :)

  5. your pedicure does not look bad at all!