Thursday, June 2, 2011

Avocado nectarine dreams

Avocado mash topped with chopped nectarine and a sprinkle of salt.

Last night I had dreams about bright green, creamy avocados and nectarines that were so full of flavor that when you bit into them the juice ran down your chin.

I think this is a sign that my new air purifier is doing it's job. 

This morning I wanted avocados and nectarines both at the same time. 

My breakfast idea started with these:

A baguette, nectarines and an avocado.

And you know how strawberries and cream cheese is a great idea? Nectarines and avocados - also a great idea - trust me.

I sliced a baguette lengthwise, brushed them with olive oil and set them to brown in a pan on medium heat.

Then I mashed half of the avocado into a paste and chopped up the nectarines.

When the bread was nice and toasty, I smeared each with a generous helping of the mashed avocado and a handful of the chopped nectarines.

This was an astoundingly delicious breakfast that felt incredibly sinful to eat. And it was really healthy!

Definitely wait until you find really ripe and flavorful nectarines - you need that strong nectarine kick to make this dish work. Otherwise I think the flavor of the avocado would be too prominent.

One day this summer when you happen upon the most beautifully ripe nectarines you have ever seen - remember to pick up an avocado (and a baguette) and the next morning make this dish.

Oh, and don't forget to give it a sprinkle of salt.

Happy Thursday all!!


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