Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best laid plans...

This morning I started out with the idea of making baked sweet potato fries wrapped in prosciutto.

Sounds great, right?

And it started off well - 

But I set the oven temperature too high and cooked them too long and they ended up looking like this:

Not exactly pretty.
They did taste wonderful, if a bit burnt. I tasted one and the dogs each got one since they were swooning over them.

For breakfast I ended up eating this:

Siggi's yogurt with Kyo-Green with a sprinkle of brown sugar and chopped apples and oranges.

I realized this morning that I have gotten caught up in the 'posting what I eat' trend but that was never my intention with this blog.

My intention was to create a blog about what I cook and the quirky things I occasionally feed the dogs.

I have decided to head back in that direction so while I will most likely continue to post at the same rate, the focus will be on what I create in the kitchen (and, of course, any restaurant posts).
And while my fries were a bust this morning I am having an urge to experiment with souffles later today.

Happy Tuesday!


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