Friday, June 10, 2011

An American classic

A cheeseburger with Gruyere cheese.

I saw this at the store - 

and I knew I was going to make burgers.

First, I assembled the all the accompaniments for the burgers.

From the bottom left: Anchovies, peanut butter, lettuce, tomato and Gruyere cheese.
I know, the anchovies and peanut butter seem strange but stay with me - it'll all make sense in a minute.

I put some grape seed oil in a fry pan and set it on med-high heat. I cooked my hamburger for 3 minutes on one side then flipped the burger. 

When the patty had been cooking for 3 minutes on the second side, I placed the cheese on top. After the cheese had melted I put it on a plate and let the burger rest for a few minutes.

All dressed up with toppings.

This was awesome! 

And about the peanut butter and anchovies - 

Connor's peanut butter filled burger.

Abby's anchovy stuffed burger.

These burgers were big so the dogs won't be getting any kibble tonight but I doubt they will mind :-)


  1. A PB filled burger!? I've never seen that before but whoa! What an awesome idea!

  2. @Mary @ Bites and Bliss

    Lol, thanks for the compliment but the peanut butter and anchovy burgers were for the dogs.

    I agree it is an interesting idea. I don't know if I would have thought of it if I wasn't cooking for the dogs.