Sunday, June 26, 2011

Namaste yoga and the perfect egg

My split pea soup turned out great. I was going to post the recipe this morning but I got distracted with making the perfect hard boiled egg.

Not a sign of that icky green ring!

I found this great picture illustrating the progression of the icky green ring as you continue to overcook an egg.


My trusted method for cooking perfect hard boiled eggs? 

Start with a pan of cold water. Carefully place the eggs in the pan of cold water and put the pan on a burner set to high.

When the water just starts to boil (and before it starts a roiling boil) pull the pan off the heat and cover the pan. 

Set a timer for 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, drain off the water and run cold water into the pan for a few moments and let the eggs sit in the cold water until they cool.

I chopped up two of the egg whites along with a bit of yolk.

The dogs got to enjoy one 1/2 of a yolk each.

Egg yolk with a drizzle of olive oil for the dogs.

I enjoyed the chopped egg with a small bowl of my split pea soup.

I will include the recipe for this soup in my next post.

This was my entire breakfast:

Split pea soup topped with chopped egg, one scoop of Amazing Grass with water and a small cup of coffee.

I am currently fairly obsessed with doing the 30 minute Namaste yoga segments that used to air on the Discover Fit&Health channel.

Thank goodness for DVR's otherwise I would have been out of luck when the Fit&Health channel decided to cancel the show.

Have I ever mentioned that I am also obsessed with collecting demitasse spoons??

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  1. wow i did not know about the green yolk thing! good to know!