Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The view from up here

I could have taken a picture of the workman who had a large hole in his pants (you can imagine where) but I didn't. 

I will spare you the horror. That guy with the pants of uber ventilation stood on a ladder just outside my patio window and put up siding...

For hours...

And my desk faces the sliding glass doors...

Yes, I am now scarred for life.

But I am scarred for a good cause because I was snapping pictures of this:

Buffalo rib eye salad.
 I picked up this at the store yesterday - 

I seasoned it liberally with salt and pepper.

It went into a hot pan with a little olive oil. And it cooked fast. I would say it took about 4 minutes on each side? And even with that little time I thought I had overcooked it.

But after it rested for 10 minutes:

A perfect medium rare, me thinks.

Then came the salad -

I used half of the dried cranberries/blueberries and about 1/4 of the dressing. I left the croutons out altogether.

The buffalo rib eye steak turned out tender and very juicy. I was very impressed. I will definitely purchase it again.

 And I can't forget the condiments - 

And, of course, the dogs got to have a nibble:

Nori wrapped buffalo steak.


  1. I showed those last pictures to my dogs and totally got a dirty look. They were definitely jealous and now I totally owe them a nori wrapped piece of bison steak sometime in the near future =)

    This salad looks amazing - can't wait to try it out!