Sunday, June 19, 2011

Habits - the good kind

Today I was thinking about habits. 

Mostly about how hard it can be to break old habits and start new ones.

One new and positive habit I have been completely consistent about is my daily green drink.

I use it as a way of making sure I get in 2 -3 servings of fruit, a good dose of greens and some healthy EFA's.

And I have noticed some great benefits to including this green drink into my daily routine. 

- I am much less likely to get really hungry during the day. 

- I don't feel the pressure of I HAVE to have a green salad at some point in the day. I will have one if I feel like it but it is nice to depend on a salad for my portion of greens.

- I am noticing that since I started this habit, I have been sleeping much better (and yes, that was before I got the air purifier).

Today's green drink included:

1 1/2 cups of diced canteloupe
1 peach, pitted and chopped
1 handful of red raspberries
1 tsp. of Udo's oil
1 tsp. of coconut butter
1 scoop of Amazing Grass berry flavor
1/2 tsp. of brewers yeast

Other things that I try to rotate in on a regular basis are yogurt, chlorella, bee pollen and raw honey.

And since I got my big dose of greens, fruits and EFA's in my drink I could eat exactly what I wanted for lunch. 

Steamed artichoke with mustard dipping sauce with a swirl of Sriracha.
 My favorite bowl was just the right size for the dipping sauce.

The dough and the best part of that artichoke will be making an appearance at dinner.


  1. Do you just take an artichoke heart and put it in boiling water? Never thought of steamed artichoke! Sounds yummy! I love the idea of green drinks too. Sometimes I feel like I get all my veggies for the day in one glass. And you are right. You don't have to worry too much about what you eat the rest of the day.

  2. i need to get into the habit of having green drinks too! i have a canister of amazing green powder to use up

  3. @Kristen @ Change of Pace

    I put a trimmed artichoke into a steamer for 45 minutes. Compared to boiling - the artichoke ends up much less 'waterlogged'.