Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My toe socks arrived!!

My toe socks arrived!!

Imagine I look like this:

Which I don't. 

But that is all just fine, because I can now stare at my freshly painted toes with abandon during yoga class. 

And this is a very important thing - I kid you not...

I did spend a big part of yesterday ignoring the fact that my water was turned off and did spend it picking out paint colors for my sisters new home.

And I ate this for lunch:

I ate this with some of my sister's salad dressing (the only one she had in the fridge) and some of the dressing that came with.

 I did pick up other interesting stuff while I was out.

More about that later...


  1. I want a pair of these just for fun, um, I mean for pilates. *taps fingers while waiting for later*

  2. I love those socks! Do they come in different colors?