Friday, June 10, 2011

A honey of a morning

This morning I wanted honey. 

Big, overflowing tablespoons of honey.

But since ingesting a whole jar of honey, although it is very Pooh-like, is not the healthiest thing to do... so instead I made this:

Yogurt with chopped strawberries, muesli and raw raspberry honey.

On my latest shopping trip I did treat myself to a big tub of my favorite yogurt.

I put a 1/2 cup of Siggi's into a bowl and topped it with chopped strawberries.

 Then I tossed on a hearty handful of muesli.

And then the star of the show - the honey.

And the best thing about honey? It is impossible to get it out of the jar without some running all over the rim. 

Then, of course, an inordinate of time must be spent scooping every last drop of honey off of said jar with your finger :-) 

This morning demanded a big mug of coffee.

I will be making a special treat for myself and the dogs for lunch so check back later!

1 comment:

  1. looks soo gooood. everyday i try to have a bowl of raw honey and raw yogurt, so simple and i love it.