Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to the mat

I had a great yoga class. 

It was restorative yoga so there was no sweating involved but it felt great to stretch and get all the kinks out.

I did spend the first part of the class wishing I had these socks:

The socks that remind me of the movie Flash Dance and could be (in a really, really retro way) be considered slightly stylish.

Instead of these:

The full foot sock version which makes me feel like a 200 year-old-grandmother with cold feet.

One of the things I love most about yoga is that even after a vigorous class  I always leave feeling very relaxed.

For lunch I decided I wanted something fast so I put together a simple salad.

This salad was a super easy mix of baby lettuce, a shredded carrot, chopped green onion, chopped fresh parsley and some leftover chicken.

I tossed everything with a little bit of the raspberry vinaigrette dressing. 

It did occur to me this afternoon that I need to include more healthy fats in the form of nuts into my diet.

And I also need to rotate in a greater variety of vegetables into my meals.

Does anyone else find themselves falling back into a dietary rut if you don't make a conscious effort to pick up new and different foods?



  1. Awesome socks! I can definitely fall into a rut sometimes. I tend to get bored easily and then reach for something that's not too healthy.

  2. I usually wear regular socks to yoga if my feet are going to sweat (which is always). It looks like I'm trying to hide a fungus or something.