Monday, August 1, 2011

Cheesy quinoa crisps

Cheesy quinoa crisps.

I can say without reservation that these quinoa crisps are the best things I have made in a long time!

Although I ate them for breakfast, I think they would make amazing appetizers.

This morning, on a creative whim, I combined:

Cooked quinoa
Gruyere cheese, shredded
Homemade hummus

I didn't measure any of the ingredients because I never expected this to work out. I mixed the three ingredients together and formed them into small patties. 

I placed the patties in a skillet and browned them on each side over medium heat with a little bit of olive oil.

And, wow!!! The quinoa in the mix made the outside extra crispy. But the inside? The inside was creamy from the hummus and gooey with cheese. And to my surprise, the sharp taste of the Gruyere with the savory bite of the hummus went together perfectly!

I tried to get a photo of the cheesy goodness.

I am definitely going to make this again! Next time I will measure everything and give you a recipe :-)

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. These look really tasty, I love the crisp outside and the creamy center-yum! Nice that you could throw this in a bowl and have it work for you. I am looking forward to getting the recipe just to be safe since I do not cook with those ingredients very often.

  2. These look super good. I love quinoa the addition of cheese and humus sounds fantastic.

  3. This looks amazing. I love when you go with something and it just all works. Well done.