Monday, August 22, 2011

Chili cook-off

A bit part of my Sunday was spent at the Pacifica Chili cook-off.

Pacifica is a beautiful seaside town and chili cook-off was held in this quaint building.

There were dozens of chilies to try, lots of friendly people and even jugglers on stilts.

My favorite was the Tri-tip chili.

Vegetarian chili.

There were lots of bowls that were scraped clean.

We didn't stay to hear them announce the winners but I heard from another friend who did stay that my second choice chili won. 

And on the way outside we spotted - llamas!

Although people at the cook-off said there was more than one llama in the pen, I could only find the one. 

Until I got home and started looking through my pictures and spotted this one:

Aha! there is the second one way in the back.

All in all it was the chili cook-off was a perfect way to end a great weekend.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I love chili cook offs! So fun! Happy Monday :)

  2. I love Chili. We had one of those at work a few months ago. Some of my co-workers are great cooks.

  3. Cook offs are always so much fun! I never got to see any llamas though. Glad you enjoyed your Sunday afternoon!