Friday, August 12, 2011

I just couldn't resist

Tacos carnitas
Today I was out doing errands and when noon time rolled around I drove right by what is quickly becoming my favorite food truck.

Cruz Elena Catering Truck
 The food always smells so wonderful I just had to stop.

What did I choose today? Tacos Carnitas.

The tacos were piled high with crispy pork, cilantro and onion. At first, the flavors seemed a bit dull but then I decided that salsa plays such a big roll in the food here - maybe the taco is intended to be eaten with the salsa.

Luckily, this time I grabbed a takeaway container of the red tomato salsa.

When the taco was smothered in the salsa, all of the flavors came together and it tasted wonderful.

Some might have found the pork a little on the dry side, but I found that is was a refreshing change from the usual tacos carnitas that are dripping with fat. 

The chips were just as light and crunchy as I remembered them.

The red tomato salsa was a bit hotter than last time but I suppose that is to be expected when the salsa is made fresh daily.

There was a generous serving of meat in each taco. I ordered three but I should have only ordered 2. They were so big I was stuffed after just 2 tacos. 

I hope everyone is having a great Friday. Mine has been nice and mellow so far. The dogs constant circling for the hour I did my yoga dvd apparently exhausted them and they are snoring on the bed:-) Ahhh, blissful momentary peace.



  1. Yummy I LOVE food trucks!! This looks amazing!! :)

  2. oh I dont' think I could pass up that food truck either - looks good!