Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can you identify this herb?

I hit the store early this morning. I love it when the market is quiet and I can get my shopping done in half the time.

I picked up some veggie rolls for breakfast. Soy sauce and ginger in the morning is the very best thing:-)

I need fuel this morning because I plan on making salmon cakes for lunch!

And I stopped at the farmer's market. I always look for unusual items when I shop and today I found something in the herb aisle.

Usually I can figure out the identity of any new herb I find with a quick Google search but this one has me stumped.

It looks like chamomile but doesn't smell like chamomile.

It looks a bit like sprouted dill weed but doesn't smell like dill weed.

So give a girl a hand.

Can you identify this mystery herb?



  1. I am completely stumped. I immediately thought chamomile, too. Good luck!

  2. I thought maybe flowered Fennel at first but then I looked through images for like half an hour and best I can tell is it IS Dill, but a type called Flowering Fern Dill. They say it can be used the same but is not aromatic which would explain the lack of a Dill smell when you smelled it.

  3. My immediate thought was dill. I love it when it flowers in our back yard, it's also great in herb bouquets!