Sunday, August 14, 2011

So the way it works out...

Beautiful tomatoes at the farmer's market.

So, yesterday started out well with the coddled eggs.

Absolutely delicious dish which I highly recommend. But that added to the lunch which I also enjoyed:

Miso soup
My friend's lunch - Katsu chicken
 And this was my downfall. It had nothing to do with the dish - which was delicious.

Vegetable tempura

The vegetable tempura along with the coddled eggs - each dish was delicious - but eaten all in the same day? put my sensitive stomach over the edge.

While I do enjoy a life where I can enjoy butter (my sisters stomach cannot handle it in any amounts) I am still learning how to balance my own stomachs need for limited amount of fats.  

And I did bring the dogs on a long walk early this morning (5 am) because I could feel the tummy trouble starting so (hopefully) I will have a mellow day. 

But I will have to bow out of my sister's dinner party later today...sigh.

Anyone that does not have an issue with stomach troubles please hug that wonderfully functioning body part and really appreciate it.


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