Friday, August 5, 2011

Food truck love

I was intending to go to the store this morning and pick up the necessary ingredients to make my second attempt at dry sauteed string beans but today I could not resist the siren call of this:

Cruz Elena Catering Truck

This is the food truck I have been meaning to try for a long time.

I have been curious about this truck because there always seems to be a big line of people.

Today I decided to try it out.

They have an impressive selection of drinks which I loved.

They even had aloe juice. I really like it when food trucks have healthy drink options. 

The menu is not huge - which I think is a very good sign. From my experience, food trucks that have a huge menu rarely focus on the quality of their food.

I was a bit confused by the choices at first but there was a really nice guy (who acts as the cashier) who was incredibly helpful.

I ended up getting a chicken burrito (hold the sour cream).

Chicken burrito, homemade chips with red salsa and pasta salad.
The burrito was huge! I got all of the above plus a drink and the total came to $7 - an amazing deal if you ask me!

When the women asked me if I wanted the pasta salad I said no. But the cashier guy told me, "You should get the pasta salad - it is really delicious!" I decided to go for it.

I was really surprised by the pasta salad. I expected it to be heavy and sweet. Instead it was light and filled with crunchy vegetables - very nice.

The next surprise was the homemade chips and salsa.

Homemade chips (my guess on the homemade part - I am going to ask next time).

Red tomato salsa, green tomato salsa and jalapeno peppers in vinegar.
I tried the red tomato salsa and I can tell you it was a definite winner. You could taste the slight sweetness of very fresh and ripe tomatoes and it had a nice mild heat with a spicy kick at the end.

The chips were not at all greasy and they had a nice corn flavor.

The only downside to the chips and salsa was that I could have eaten a vat of them, seriously, an entire vat. And I wanted to swim in the salsa - with more of the chips:-)

I am kicking myself right now because I said no when the woman asked me if I wanted to take home a small container of the salsa.

Then I dug into the burrito.

This burrito was packed with big chunks of succulent chicken and not just plain old broiled chicken but chicken that looked like it had been marinated in spices. The burrito was light on the cheese which I loved but I think the best part of the burrito was the beans.

The beans were creamy and buttery and incredibly delicious. They really just melted in your mouth.

And instead of relying on chopped tomatoes or more salsa to punch up the flavor, like most burritos, this one had wonderfully seasoned rice and lots of fresh chopped cilantro for a nice herbal bite.

From looking at their business card (they gave me one when I went back to take pictures - of course, this was after I had gobbled down the burrito :-) it doesn't look like they have a website. 

They really need to get one - as soon as possible - this kind of great food should have a huge following.


  1. wow! that is the most impressive food truck I've seen - so many options!

  2. Sounds super tasty! I love that food trucks are making their way across America! Just last year, Louisville had 0... and now we have 7!

  3. Delicious! If only there were food trucks in rural Georgia.....

  4. omg ssoooooo delicious!