Monday, August 8, 2011

Interuppted evening

Tonight I was going to make a re-do of the dry sauteed string beans.

But, as chance has it, my neighbor came knocking on my door with a request and I was busy for quite a while.

And then I came home to this:

Excuse the blue tone - the lighting in the photo came out all wonky so I tried fixing it in Lightroom - clearly a failed attempt.

But do you note the expression in that face? The feeling of, "I have done everything for you but my tummy still aches - could you take a minute and do something about it?" 

But this was not an actual plea for help. This was Abby's way of getting Connor to leave his rawhide. 

While I was getting the tummy medicine, Abby swooped in and grabbed the prized piece of cow hide and settled down on the couch to munch away in a state of bliss.

Clever girl! In a totally annoying and frustrating kind of way.

Connor looked devastated in a sweet 'I really thought her stomach was upset' kind of way. So he got a big piece of smoked salmon.

Abby was not pleased with this turn of events. 

And, yes, Abby got a piece of salmon but a much smaller one.

She was still not happy. She would have traded that rawhide for a big piece of salmon in a heartbeat. Lesson learned.

Oh, and to make it food related - another picture of my failed scalloped potatoes which I will be remaking tomorrow. 



  1. What happened to the potatoes? they look good to me :)

  2. @WillJogForFood

    I agree that they looked fine - they just tasted very bland (((