Sunday, August 7, 2011

A restless night and French Lamb Stew

Last night was a long one. Abby was up most of the night pacing and panting. I figured it must be her tooth bothering her (I already have a vet appt. scheduled for this coming Wednesday).

But last night, she was just plain uncomfortable all night long. I gave her things to ease her tummy (if that was the problem) and a little something to ease pain (if it was her tooth bothering her) but nothing helped much at all.

When morning rolled around and she still was not settled, off we went to urgent care.

This is us arriving home - Abby is exhausted and Connor has a dry nose from worrying.

 *Note* that is the first picture of myself I have ever posted to the blog. The pink color at the corner of Connor's eyes? That is my image reflected in his eyes - awwww:-)

We got to the clinic at around 8am but because it was not an emergency we kept getting bumped. In the end, we left with pain meds in hand at around 11:30am.

At this point I was starving :-(

Luckily, Whole Foods was on our way home so I stopped in and picked up some French lamb stew.

The stew was thick and comforting with big pieces of lamb and tons of white beans.

It was just what I needed after a long and stressful night.

They had some great looking organic heirloom tomatoes at the store so I brought home this:

A huge organic heirloom tomato.

The pain meds have finally kicked in and Abby is finally passed out. I think I will take a nap myself - a night of nursing an uncomfortable patient is tiring!

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