Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pasta with goat cheese brie and basil

Pasta with goat cheese brie and basil.

The only time I eat brie is usually at gatherings. This is a setting where I fear the social censure of shoving the whole round of brie into my mouth in one go. 

But I found this at the store the other day.

A small round of goat cheese brie.

And as is my habit recently,  I was up at 4am and just started writing.

Then at 7am I was incredibly hungry.

And so entered my breakfast. I boiled up one serving of spaghetti and put it in a pan with a big wedge of goat cheese brie, a bunch of torn basil (fresh) and some salt and pepper.

When the basil was wilted and the brie melted I added in one whole egg for protein. I kept it on low heat and just kept stirring and the whole dish became incredibly glossy and creamy.


I definitely recommend.

I am going to get some sleep.

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Simple but SO good! I want some :)

  2. Nothing like brie to make pasta really amazing-yum!