Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dry sauteed string bean

Dry sauteed string bean
Today I decided to try making one of my favorite dishes. I always order dry sauteed string beans whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant or get take out. 

The dish is salty and garlicky and with the crunch of the beans, it really is a perfect dish in my opinion.

And the dish started out with these beauties.

Chinese long beans.
I trimmed off the ends, rinsed and dried them and then cut them into 2" long pieces. 


Then I chopped up some garlic and green onions. I also added a scoop of chili paste to the stir fry 'plate'.

What happened next? Well, I went to make the sauce and ended up being out of quite a few ingredients. I went ahead and made substitutions, which usually works out wonderfully for me, but not today. 

A dish that should have been salty and garlicky and all around delicious turned out a bit too sweet and just strange tasting.

But, no fear, I have half of the bunch of green beans left so I will have another go at the recipe tomorrow.

Even if the recipe didn't turn out tasting quite right - it did look pretty.

I consoled myself by eating this for lunch.

A doughnut nectarine and a pink grapefruit yogurt.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Oh dear. Sorry about the mishap! It does look really delicious though, and my friend has been asking me to teach her to make these exact green bean recipe!

  2. Sorry that they didn't turn out the way you wanted... but they definitely look gorgeous!