Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Healthy dinner 7-11 style

I did intend to go shopping later today but that didn't happen.

I was busy downloading and updating and various other tweaks to the Macbook Pro.

There was a scary moment this afternoon when the laptop decided to stop recognizing my internet connection - but I think that was just because I had it on too long and it overheated. 

I did pause long enough to pick up some dinner at 7-11.

Fruit salad, the second serving of brown rice and a yogurt smoothie.    

The fruit salad was surprisingly fresh tasting.

And it had big chunks of pineapple, my favorite!

The yogurt smoothie was a brand I didn't recognize but it was very peachy tasting.

OK, I am off to go play with the computer some more. For some reason the display is happy to function as a dual monitor but when I close the MacBook the display refuses to wake up and turn back on.

I am going to have to figure that one out...

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  1. pineapples are my favorite too!! i actually like sandwiches at 7-11