Monday, August 22, 2011

Butter chicken curry

Butter chicken curry.
It might seem odd that after eating my fair share of spicy chili yesterday that I would want more spice.

But I had this sitting in the cupboard and I was dying to try it out.

I will admit to the fact that I find curries a bit intimidating to make. And my favorite curry, butter chicken, is usually made with so much butter that it ends up bothering my stomach.

This packet made the recipe very simple. Just combine the chicken, water, butter and spice paste in a soup pot and simmer. 

Yup, it was that easy.

The recipe called for 3 Tbsp of butter which would have been way to much for me so I reduced the amount by half and just added 1 1/2 Tbsp of butter.

The instructions said to turn the heat up to a boil (after 20 minutes of simmering) but I think that was just to reduce the liquid. If you like a more liquid curry you can just skip that step.

I loved the dark, rich color of the curry.
While the mouth feel of the curry was slightly less rich than the restaurant version because I added less butter, the flavor and heat was spot on.

Since this was not a dish the dogs could eat (too much spice), I made them a snack.

A piece of banana smeared with peanut butter.

And if you need some cooling off after all those spicy curry pictures, here is a shot of a dish my friend made which was wonderfully light and refreshing after eating all that chili.

Ripe peaches with soft, melted mozzarella on top.
My friend said that her brother served it drizzled with olive oil but we both agreed that this version was delicious.

And I will leave you with some cute shots of my friends dog:

How do you get a Border Collie to look at the camera?
You pick up his ball.


  1. This curry looks delicious and like something I could actually make! Where did you find it??

    PS I found you on Carrots n' Cake... yay for being Emily's in SF :)

  2. Boy, that package of paste is such a time saver and your dish looks tasty. You do have a cute border collie!

  3. @Tina

    Thanks for the compliments but the dog is not mine. My friend owns the beautiful border collie.

    I have sighthounds, who, after a nice long walk, lay about like pashminas on the couch and barely move :-)

    They are definitely more my speed, or lack thereof...

  4. oh man i love indian food! esp butter chicken!

  5. Mmmm Curry, yes please, great post and your dogs are beautiful:-)

  6. Indian food is SO intimidating! It's great to know there is a good product out there that is easy :)

  7. Mmm. That looks delish! I'm going to have to try that. I do the same thing when a recipe calls for too much butter or oil. I always cut it in half (for some I don't even use it) and while it may affect it slightly it never destroys the dish.