Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tofu + Bacon??

I have seen a lot of recipes for tofu bacon running around the internet and I was curious to try it out.

Thin strips of tofu marinating in soy sauce, liquid smoke, mirin and nutritional yeast.
When I read the tofu bacon recipes most of the comments rave about how it tastes just like bacon. This I find hard to imagine.

I pan fried the tofu until it was crispy and it ended up looking like this:

While the tofu had a bacon-like look to it, it in no way tasted like bacon. The only way you could think this would taste like bacon is if you never ate any pork product your whole life - including bacon.

It just tasted like crispy tofu with seasoning. 

So, I am still perplexed by the whole tofu + bacon thing.

I ended up having a bowl of veggies.

Ignore the tofu bacon - I didn't even bother to eat it.

This was one of my 'toss everything together and see if it works' meals.

I put 1 chopped tomato, corn kernels cut fresh from the cob, mushrooms and black beans into a skillet to simmer.

I also added 2 tsp. of taco seasoning to the pan.

While the vegetables simmered I put a corn tortilla in another pan to get crispy.

When the tomato started to release its juices and the mushrooms had started to brown, I plated the veggies.

I sprinkled the chopped up tortilla on top and added some diced avocado.

Fresh chopped cilantro adorned the top.
 A very delicious breakfast but now I am behind on protein for the day.

I sense a protein bar in my near future.


  1. boooo too bad it didn't work out!

    nothing beats real bacon though =P

  2. Hmm, tofu bacon? Sounds intriguing. Looks like great eats though, sorry it didn't turn out!