Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time to rally

Just got a funny call from my sister. Well, it wasn't really 'ha ha' funny but it was amusing. You see, after I posted early this morning, I took some stomach meds and immediately fell asleep
My plan was to take a short nap and then call my sister but hours later (ie. ten minutes ago) I jumped awake when my sister called to say, "Nice to find out you aren't coming from reading your blog." 

She wasn't angry she just was really perplexed.

So, I have decided to down some more stomach medicine and rally. I am sure my evening will be filled with plain rice and veggies but who cares I can still hear about my sister's new house.

Oh, and enjoy the photos of the farmer's market.


  1. Wait...what? Haha, I'm perplexed too. Was your sister perplexed that you read blogs too much or something? My parents think I spend too much time blogging too. :-p

  2. @sophia

    I guess that is confusing if you didn't see the first post.

    My sister was just perplexed that I hadn't called her to tell her that I wasn't feeling well or that I wasn't sure if I could attend the party.

    Note to self - make the phone call BEFORE the post next time, lol.

  3. i love farmers markets! tomatoes look gorgeous!