Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breakfast burrito

After my day of lite eating from 7-11, I was hungry for a hearty breakfast this morning.

Breakfast burrito.

I combined some leftover cooked quinoa with some of my favorite salsa.

And if you are curious about which salsa is my favorite, here it is.

This salsa pretty much tastes like I combined all the ingredients fresh and poured them into this jar. It is very yummy.

Then I scrambled some eggs over low heat. I like my eggs well flavored so I added some paprika, basil, pepper and salt. 

And a generous sprinkling of cheese.

All wrapped up.

And since I was up way too late last night, I had a big mug of very strong tea.

The good news of the morning is that I think I have figured out most of the ins and outs of my new computer so I will be able to 'cut the cord' and venture out of the house today :-)