Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shabu shabu

I had a very fun Saturday. When I got an impromtu lunch invite, I ditched the idea of working and went off to enjoy the sunshine.

We drove a couple towns over to check out a street that is filled with fun shops and tons of restaurants.

We ended up deciding on shabu shabu restaurant (Japanese hot pot).

First, we picked the meat we wanted. I went with the thinly sliced Kobe beef.

And we decided to get the half and half hot pot. One side was spicy and the other (the clear one) was mild.

The meal included a side of vegetables.

Then came the fun part - dipping the vegetables and meat into the boiling liquid.

The Kobe beef after a boiling water bath and a dunk in the miso dip.

We spent most of the meal laughing over our inability to keep track of what we had put in the hot pot and our clumsy attempts to fish things back out. 

Add in all the window shopping and book store browsing we did after lunch and it was a perfect Saturday afternoon.



  1. I love going out to eat and having HOT POT. I usually go with my mother so she can do all the ordering I do all the eating. :)

  2. Looks delicious! I have never had shabu shabu, I usually go for traditional Chinese hot pot but how can you argue with that Kobe beef?