Friday, August 12, 2011

Resolutions and blueberry pancakes

Pancakes with Tofutti cream cheese and blueberries.

About that resolution I had to hit most of the flow yoga classes at the YMCA starting today? 

Well, since I slept through the alarm and woke up 15 minutes after the class had finished, the whole 'YMCA yoga' resolution did not get off to a booming start.

But, I refuse to be discouraged and I am going to be spending an hour with Rodney.

I will just have to pretend that Rodney and I are practicing yoga at the Y. I am sure Rodney teaches yoga at the Y all the time:-)

And the hour will be spent with the dogs circling my mat like low flying Cessnas. But a yoga mat covered in dog hair means you are well loved, right? 

Back to breakfast:

Pancakes with Tofutti cream cheese, blueberries and mixed fruit.

Since I had leftover pancake mix, the dogs got to enjoy little mini pancakes with smoked salmon.

I had another big mug of the new instant coffee this morning. And, yes, I had the slim hope that it would taste better this morning, but nope. Unfortunately, this is the only source of caffeine in the house at the moment, so I drank it down anyway.

Does it make me shallow that the only reason I chose this instant coffee was for the strange looking container? 

Nah, it doesn't make me shallow. Does it mean I am easily lured in by odd shapes? Possibly.

Happy Friday!


  1. Yoga is one thing that will keep you limber rather than shortening your muscles! I understand about your pet, it seems mine wants to paw me when I am engrossed in something.
    Tasty pancakes, the blueberries look so fresh-yum!

  2. Well today must be an only "mild" dislike of sweet things- blueberry pancakes are pretty sweet! I think your dogs eat better than I do haha. I happen to really like Rodney Yee's yoga style, hope you like the tape! I've done classes at the Y too but its hard to get out of the house for me to work out usually. Love your blog!

  3. Oh I LOVE yoga and these blueberry pancakes look so delicious!! :)

  4. @Meri

    Thanks, Meri!

    The pancakes didn't have any blueberries in the batter - only on top so that helped cut the sweetness.

    Lol, I do occasionally eat semi-sweet things - just not that often:-)

    Yeah, my dogs eat better than I do too!