Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to make a healthy breakfast from 7-11

Yup, I will admit that after getting my computer home and set up I did not leave the house.

Therefore, I woke up this morning with no food (at least none quickly edible) and the nearest store is a 7-11 so you guessed it - my breakfast came from the 7-11. 

The cast of characters:

Tuna fish, brown rice and tomato soup.

 Which soon turned into:

Hearty tomato 'convenience store' soup.

And since when did 7-11 start carrying brown rice??

So the soup was a combination of:

1 can of tomato soup
1 can of tuna fish
1 serving of ready to eat brown rice
1/2 cup of soy milk

That is it. It sounds incredibly weird but it was very delicious.

And a note about the new computer - my old computer was like dating someone that liked to argue all the time - for no good reason. 

My new computer (a Mac) is like dating the most easy going, caring guy on the planet. No demands AND he gently hands me the item I need the second I need it. 

Yeah, no cooking for me today :-)


  1. Nice job coming up with a simple 7-11 meal, I'm impressed! Amazing what you can come up with in a bind!

  2. Great invention! I would have never thought of that :)

  3. Love the computer analogies-ha! That bind looks like it forced you to be creative-very well done.

  4. That's pretty awesome... 7-11 covers all your basic needs. Food, bank and gas in some areas.