Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clean as a whistle

No, these aren't my teeth. I wish...

I just got back from the dentist. I am cavity free and from what the dental hygienist said, I do a great job at keeping plaque at bay.

Unfortunately, things are not all roses and rainbows. I have a chipped front tooth (it happened when I was six) and when I was a kid I was so proud of it that I refused to get it fixed.

But it seems the two front teeth are starting to show the effects of the 'traumatic teeth event' and are started to turn a darker shade. Ewww.

So it looks like I may have to get veneers in the future, sigh.

After the bad news I headed over to Draeger's and treated myself to a breakfast salad.

When I got home I realized that maybe I shouldn't be eating beets (which stain everything) with newly polished teeth so I picked them out.
I couldn't resist adding a light sprinkle of blue cheese.

I love the big slices of chicken breast that are available at the salad bar.

And I picked up some fun things:

Organic rainbow carrots and organic Lacinato kale.

The kale is an incredibly deep shade of green. I can't wait to figure out a way to use it.

And lastly:

Organic and locally made fresh pasta.

I picked a shape that I thought would work well with mac & cheese.

And before I have to truly contemplate the possibility of veneers I am going to head out and pick up some Crest White Strips and see if they perform a miracle on my front teeth.


  1. Hi Emily, well looks like your dentist visit was bitter sweet. Never been a big fan of beets but the salad does look good. Good luck with the teeth!

  2. Oh man, sorry about your dentist visit! Have they thought about bonding your teeth? It's much less expensive and invasive then veneers and from my non-dentist knowledge seems like it could help your issue? And that pasta looks delicious! Please post this mac and cheese recipe!