Thursday, August 11, 2011

It might not be pretty but it was delicious

Spicy Portuguese fish stew.
Although Abby's pain is kinda managed - being on the loopy educing  meds is making her pace. 


She is not in pain. I have done everything I can for her and she just won't settle. 

So I made Spicy Portuguese Cod Fish Soup. 

And yes, the fact that it included fish was all about Abby. 

No recipe - I am burned out beyond belief. Just some pictures.

Crispy chicken and apple sausage in the Portuguese soup.

Abby loved the big chunks of Cod fish that I handed to her. 

But I do have to say, having someone in your life that you love, unconditionally, being unsettled and you can do little to ease their fussing? Is the worst feeling in the world. It is beyond words. Just saying.

The recipe I will add at a later date, when I am not soothing a certain sighthound someone, into, what will hopefully be a blissful state, after a full body massage.


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