Sunday, July 24, 2011

Use what you've got

Creamy coleslaw with honey roasted peanuts.

As I continue to eat down the contents of my fridge and pantry I am discovering strange things.

For the most part I have healthy ingredients in my refrigerator and cupboards but as I was digging around today I discovered a jar of Miracle Whip and a half full bag of honey roasted peanuts.

Now, I am not saying I feel obligated to eat everything in my fridge. If I found a container of deep fried Twinkies I wouldn't go about eating them. But the peanuts and Miracle Whip gave me an idea.

I combined:

2 cups of bagged coleslaw mix
1 Tbsp. of Miracle Whip
1 pinch of sugar
1 handful of honey roasted peanuts

I like my coleslaw heavy on the cabbage and light on the mayo. Feel free to add more mayonnaise or Miracle Whip if you like it creamier.

It was one very filling and delicious bowl :-)



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