Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peaches and roasted red peppers

I was up early writing (3am to be exact) and I realized I haven't cooked anything for the dogs in quite a while.

My breakfast started with a roasted red bell pepper.

A roasted red pepper ready to be put into a Ziplock bag to steam.

One cup of quinoa went into a sauce pan with water for 20 minutes.

I enjoyed the quinoa with roasted red peppers and peaches.

I made another attempt at the nutritional yeast 'cheese' sauce which included:

Unsweetened soymilk
Nutritional yeast
Yellow mustard
Garlic powder
Earth balance butter spread
Lemon juice

No recipe yet because it still needs some tweaking.

And I added some pea sprouts on top.

The dogs enjoyed a melange of quinoa, Udo's oil, apricots, peaches, seasoned nori, a drizzle of the sauce and some chopped pea sprouts.

Yes, they ate up every little bit. In fact, Connor stood waiting for Abby to finish her portion so he could check for any crumbs.

Sadly, there were none :-)


  1. you are so adventurous! i dont think im brave enough to eat quinoa with peaches

  2. I just love the char on a pepper after being roasted :)

    I definitely would never have thought to put these flavor combos together but it looks pretty delicious!

  3. Wow what a colorful and healthy breakfast, love this!