Monday, July 11, 2011

It was supposed to be funny and lunch out

Clay pot tofu.
After the movie (I will include a review in a bit) we went to a teeny tiny hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant.

The menu was really interesting:

I don't know if I would ever be brave enough to try the shredded jelly fish salad.

I ordered the Three cups Tofu Clay pot thinking it was going to be a soup. But I neglected to notice that the menu item did not have soup in the description.

What I ended up getting was this:

Thick strips of tofu in a delicious sauce.
Two of my friends ordered soup.

Chicken with corn soup.

Hot and sour soup.
And my third friend ordered a very colorful dish.

Sweet and sour fish.
And someone ordered egg rolls.

 Everyone agreed that the food was delicious.

The next time I go to this restaurant I am definitely going to order the sauteed pea sprouts.

 And as you may remember, we went to see Horrible Bosses.

Did I like it? Not so much. 

Two of my friends thought the movie was really funny. My third friend agreed with me that the movie fell a bit flat. 

If you like really goofy humor without a lot of character development - you will like Horrible Bosses.

Happy Monday!


  1. Well, at least my husband will really like that movie! hehe, he loves goofy!

    The meals look so tasty, now I want Chinese for dinner.

  2. I have never tried sweet and sour fish but that looks really really good. Glad you had a nice meal!

  3. I am going out for chinese this week. So excited. I have no desire to see that movie. I will probably be skipping it.